Security Systems Engineering


Facing the constantly evolving threats to networks, computing and enterprise data requires the use of specialized and technologically advanced security infrastructure. We provide solutions that effectively integrate specialized security systems to the technological and operational environment of its customers.

Security Intelligence


We give substance to the concept of “security” and adapts the theory to the realities and particularities of each individual customer. The team offers high quality services, by having understood in depth the ways in which any threats and risks to the security of an organization are prevented.

Operational Availability


The handling of threats that emerge in the complex technological environment needs to be executed in a timely manner. The continuous monitoring of critical systems’ and data of a modern organization is imperative. We develop methods that allow our customers to have a complete view of the effectiveness of the security measures. Using modern monitoring methods, we are always ready to detect and deal with any potential threat.

Why choose us ?

Because we have the skills and mindset

DEVOQ is a consulting company, operating in the technology sector, both software and hardware, in the key area of information and systems security.

The services provided span over a wide scope of needs, developing and implementing security systems, as well as consulting solutions to optimize the security level of an organization.
Our people have extensive and diverse experience. By keeping in touch with all developments and advances in the field, they stay in perfect sync with the pulse of technology. Their range of expertise extends from security governance and regulatory issues, to installation and operation of integrated IT infrastructure and network systems, as well as monitoring and supervising such infrastructures. DEVOQ engineers can pinpoint the weaknesses and how to handle them, as their experience had them dealing with large-scale projects in the past, with proven success in very competitive and demanding environments.

Modern computer systems incorporate features which, when properly configured, can contribute effectively to an organization’s security management. On the other hand the lack of information, the heterogeneity of installed systems, the presence of incorrect configurations that bypass the security settings, make security controls an exceedingly complex task. Managing the aforementioned issues often forces an organization to employ specialized and expensive systems. Customer experience is an undisputed priority for us. Our client’s perspective (needs, goals, restrictions) is one of our fundamental criteria so we can provide value for money solutions within customer’s budget.

Closely studying the architecture of a network and IT environment and based on the available resources and the proper risk assessment, we propose solutions that maximize the organizations’ information security controls.

Our services aim to offer to the management a comprehensive, constantly updated view of the security systems’ entirety. In addition, we provide to the supervising staff an accurate picture of the area of responsibility and all the information in order to be able to identify and remedy any existing weakness in the area.

We transform our experience into innovative products and services, so that the provided solutions are always pioneering in technology, adaptable to the ever changing requirements of its customers.


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